Innovation Lab Challenge

Due to this pandemic, we have been learning online. But watching classes on mobile phones for quite some time would affect students' well being. Not everyone could afford a projector screen. So as to help such students we bring you Innovation Lab Challenge. Please find the details of the competition in the attached poster. The winner of the competition would get a prize worth 500 Rs. Please submit your solutions in this form. In case of doubts/queries revert back to us.

A talk by Mr Aditya Ranade (fresh alumni of IITM)

On 22nd August evening 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM there is a talk by Mr Aditya Ranade (fresh alumni of IITM) who was the lead for the Hyperloop project. This project started as a small project in the innovation lab , grew by leaps and bounds and went on to win awards and the team presented their model and idea to Elon Musk! Aditya will share the journey, It will be an interactive session and you can ask him questions. Google Meet 

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