FAQs B.Tech Freshers


When will the first semester classes start this year? 
There will be an orientation program from October 26, 2022. Regular classes will begin shortly after the orientation program. Detailed schedule of classes will be made available on the institute website.

Welcome Undergraduates!

Hey there, champ! How are you doing? Since you have found your way here, we are sure you did great in your Advanced! Congratulations! 

We value your time and energy, and to help you save both, below you will find not only the brochure giving you all the information you may need, but also contact details of a few students currently studying at IIT Palakkad! You can get in touch with them anytime to know more about us :)


Student Contact points:

Petrichor National Technogoly and Entreprenurship Summit

Petrichor announced the launch of very first edition of their flagship event, the National Technology and Entrepreneurship Summit on September 16-19,2021. The Summit was held in a virtual mode with the participation of students from across the country. Themed on Technology for Tomorrow, the summit aimed at providing the participants with an ideal opportunity to explore the contemporary trends in technology and acquire some essential knowledge and skills.


As a part of the INTER-IIT Tech Symphony, The Robotics Club, IIT Palakkad is organising a robotic-simulation competition - Programobot. The participants will have to flex their brains to come up with robust control algorithms for a given bot. There is absolutely no limit for trial and error as it is a simulation.

Civil Services as a Career Option: A Free Orientation Program by Shankar IAS Academy

To create awareness in the minds of the students on taking up a career in Civil Services, Shankar IAS Academy conducted a free orientation session! Adding to it, a student who prepares for Civil Services examinations can easily win 20 plus competitive examinations in this country. They also provided a booklet ( PDF ) which will contain the syllabus, steps and book list recommended for UPSC Civil Services Examinations.

IPL Fantasy League

The basic idea is to make people interact, present their analysis by making best predictions and discussing the game of cricket with fellow IITpkd mates. Please note that their is no betting inolved, free to join and planned solely for entertainment purpose.

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