Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to Combat Covid19

Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

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LeSi is a Machine Learning based Learner Simulator for studying spread of Covid19 in India and various states. LeSi is based on 10-compartment pandemic model adapted from SEIR. LeSi allows users to learn location specific parameters from real cases. LeSi also allows users to run a pandemic simulator in forecasting mode.

A Machine Learning based tool to classify X-ray images among various respiratory diseases.

Note: First time users need to register separately for the applications.


These tools have been developed as part of research initiatives taken at IIT Palakkad to combat Covid-19 using techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. We have been constantly developing these tools further. You are welcome to use these tools and send us feedback. However, you should be careful to take any decision based on the output of these tools.